Classic Wedding Car

We have all seen the fairy tale wedding scenes where the bride and groom drive away into the sunset in the classic old time car. If you are thinking that would add the perfect touch to your upcoming ceremony, consider the following tips on how to book the best possible wedding car for your special day. If you are planning on hiring a wedding car service for your wedding, you will want to inquire well in advance. Many companies are booked up to a year in advance. Some companies require that you have your dates set, the car picked out, and pay your fees a whole year before your wedding. If you are uncertain about any of these things, you may want to clear them up before booking the car. Some companies do charge an additional fee if you need to change the day. Worse than that, you may not be able to get a car if you change the day in the last few months. You will want to have your wedding party already chosen before you book your wedding cars. Wedding car companies usually have vehicles ranging from convertible, two passenger models to mini bus shuttles used for the whole party. Any vehicle you choose should be chauffeured. You sure do not want to be responsible for a classic wedding car. Decide which aspects of the service you will require transportation for. You can find wedding cars to use from the wedding to the reception, or wedding cars to transport you to the service in the first place. You also need to decide who will be provided with transportation. Some people provide a car for the parents of the bride and groom as a thank you for years of support and help. It will be completely up to you, but you should consider price when making this choice. If you rent cars for everyone in your part, it can become a little pricey; you might just want to stick with a couple of cars.

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The style of the car you choose is just as important as the wedding dress or the cake. Take your time to look through brochures and see what your options are. The theme or style of your wedding should be a major factor to consider. If you are having a modern, elegant wedding, you might want to go with a Mercedes elegance. However, if you re opting for a vintage wedding or a classic style, an Open Top Tourer could be just the car for you. Another option is having a romantic horse and carriage at your wedding service. Nothing says romance like a chauffeured carriage ride away from a quaint chapel. Color and decoration should also be considered. Some companies have a large variety of cars to match every wedding scheme. If you go with a professional company, you can usually have the car decorated with flower arrangements, as well. If you take these tips into account when choosing your wedding car, you should enjoy a stress free car hire process. Just make sure you get a contract and that you understand what you are required to do and what you can expect from the company.